Who Are We?

The Resilience Institute South Africa (RISA) is a social and emotional intelligence company, aimed at equipping individuals and organisations with resilience skills in the workplace.

The Resilience Institute SA

The resilience of humankind began here in Africa. Humans refined their ability to bounce, grow, connect and find flow within Africa. Against all odds, humanity found a way to transcend genes with insight, self-mastery and empathy. We became a successful learning and social society.

Today South Africa is one of the most diverse and perplexing societies. We display extraordinary determination and entrepreneurship to succeed. We also face the inevitable disruptions and social cost of transforming our country to meet its potential. While some thrive, many suffer.

The RI was first founded by Dr Sven Hansen, who is a South African currently based in New Zealand.  Through long term research, the Resilience Institute International (RI) program was identified by Ms N. B. Sithole, an experienced psychologist.  The institute is now represented in seven international jurisdictions through its affiliate partners.

Our Mission and Purpose:

Our Values

We Are Resilient

We show courage in difficult situations. We seek to understand and build constructive emotions.

We Challenge Ourselves

We are committed to taking on difficult challenges. We have insight and tools that allow us to consistently excel, learn, grow and innovate.

We Are Agile

We strive to get better every day in the quality, innovation and speed of our work.

We Are Skillful

In our delivery, we seek to ensure that everyone achieves their maximum potential. We do this with the help of our experienced and passionate team of Resilience experts.

Our Structure

RISA is a subsidiary of Omame Investments (OI), a diversified investments company wholly owned by African women from South Africa. OI owns 85% of the Institute, and 15% is owned by a non-profit company called Women of Resilience (WOR).

Ms. Sithole
MSc. Executive Global Masters in Management, M. Educational Psychology, B. Paed.

Ms. N. B. Sithole is responsible for the strategy and the overall management of the Institute. Over the years she has invested in researching key factors in human resilience and cognitive behavioral psychology, with the aim of offering an impactful wellness program that are holistic and preventative in nature. She believes that developing a resilience culture in organisations is not only foundational, but it also gives organisations a competitive edge.