Resilience Solutions

The Resilience Institute offers a variety of practical resilience solutions. We can assist the individuals and teams in your company to improve upon their productivity, and create sustainable wellness. We offer:

The Resilience App

Our digital toolkit provides all the content that participants need in order to reach their resilience goals! We provide concise and engaging videos to guide participants along their resilience journeys. The Resilience App is easy to use and highly customisable.

Resilience Diagnostic

This assessment is completely confidential. The results are based on a questionnaire, with 11 categories, that measures the 60 key factors that make up resilience. With these results, you’ll be able to get a good idea of your team’s overall resilience.

Weekly Practice Tips

We provide our participants with weekly practice tips, to keep them on the right track, and help reach their resilience goals. We believe that resilience is a journey, and our weekly tips are designed to yield sustainable and long-lasting results.


Our practical face-to-face workshops are perfect for teams, leaders and individuals. In these workshops we explain the importance of resilience, focus on methods to maintain a healthier body and mind, and define personal goals and plans for becoming more resilient.

The Resilience Spiral

The Resilience Spiral is a visual representation of the different levels of resilience. We use this spiral as a visual aid for explaining aspects of resilience, and for helping participants set practical goals.