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Sustainable Wellness Program To Empower Your Team?

The Resilience Institute provides a groundbreaking resilience approach that’s practical and built to last.

Why Is It Necessary To Be Resilient In Today's World?

There are various factors in today’s world that place the average person under increasing strain. We absorb huge amounts of information each day, and the effect is often draining. Resilience is a highly strategic asset that is linked to improved productivity, creativity and general well-being. Being resilient means that you can easily return back to a state of high-functioning well-being, no matter what life throws your way.

What Are The Benefits?

The Resilience Spiral

A visual map to assist in understanding the various levels & benefits of resilience.


Our face-to-face workshops are designed to build a resilient & well-balanced team.

The Resilience App

Use our Resilience App to effectively measure and track your resilience progress.

Weekly Practice Tips

Receive weekly motivation to encourage you to continuously practice resilience.

The Resilience Diagnostic

The Resilience Diagnostic is an easy-to-understand assessment that we have created, and continuously improve upon, which delivers in-depth results regarding your people’s resilience, mental fitness and productivity. This research-based assessment gives you an inside look into the emotional side of your employees’ lives; allowing you to understand what challenges they face and what hidden talents they may be concealing.

Ready To Build A Resilient Team?

Become part of the resilience movement that thousands of executives and professionals have benefited from. Our research-based approach is one that is built to last.

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Join us at the Wellbeing @ Work Summit where Njabulo will be presenting on the main stage at 10.30am on 17 November 2021.
News & Events

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Date: 4th November Time: 5h30pm
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